On April 19, 2021, Representative Steve Stivers announced that he would be leaving Congress, four months into the term. This announcement is an embarrassment for District 15. Our Congressman believes that he is so ineffective in Congress that he would be more productive outside of Congress. He just proved everything my 2020 congressional campaign said about him regarding his ineffectiveness.

Representative Stivers resignation provides Democrats a huge opportunity to compete in the 2021 special election. Incumbency will no longer be a strength for the Republicans. While gerrymandering is still working against us, Democrats have a true opportunity to be judged based on our policies instead of someone else’s name recognition. Universal healthcare, better infrastructure, REAL social justice, and the future of our hometowns are on the ballot again. We need a candidate to represent everyone, not just a few rich people.

However, I will not be seeking the seat. I believe that there are great candidates in the field, and I will help them win the seat. I will be focusing on time with my family and my small businesses, The Newby Law Office, LLC and Ecclesia, LLC. Please check out to learn about those businesses. I look forward to seeing you all on the campaign trail as I stand with the future democratic congressperson. Let’s go win this seat!


Joel Newby

Former D-15 Candidate