The Newby Law Office, LLC was established in November of 2020 after Joel's Congressional campaign concluded. The law office practices in many areas of practice and uses the latest in technology to make the client first. The Newby Law Office offers free consultations, honest and fair representation, and if the office can take your case, the attorney will communicate with you regularly with case updates. Visit to learn more.

Ecclesia was founded in 2020 by former congressional candidate Joel Newby and former Ohio State Senate candidate Justin Adkins. Together, they decided to take on a new challenge. Both of them had the goal was to shift Ohio’s political landscape for the better. So, rather than waiting around for a new chance to run for a public office, they decided to take a new approach. They have put together a team of experienced campaign staffers from campaigns all around Ohio, that will assist new campaigns in creating the necessary campaign infrastructure to win their races. Not only can we offer a dedicated team, but we offer a state-of-the-art voter outreach application. Visit to learn more.